A medal established in honor of the Russian physicist and mathematician Ludvig Faddeev

A chief mathematician of the country. A member of RAS Ludvig Faddeev can all describe in terms of figures. According to family legend, he was named after Beethoven, and he is sure math can be as beautiful as the music. He writes his elaborate equations even while dreaming.

Son of famous mathematicians, he glorified the Russian science. And he gathered all the awards which can receive a mathematician or a physicist. Except for the Nobel prize. However, his followers, who created the works based on Faddeev’s studies, received at least three awards of the Swedish Academy of Sciences. The famous thesis “Scattering theory for a three-particle system,” he defended before reaching thirty years. The youngest Ph.D. and later — a member of RAS — he left a legacy that had been studied for more than half a century.

On the anniversary of his thesis publication, the most prestigious in the world association of scientists decided to establish the international Ludvig Faddeev medal. Now it will be awarded for studies in the field of quantum theory – basic science, which has recently been developing at an incredible rate. Ludvig Faddeev is an honorable foreign member of many famous academies, but the case when an award is named after a scientist during his lifetime is unique. He may also become a laureate of the award named after himself.

Ian Voskresensky, the Fifth Channel, September 13, 2006.

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